The Gearbox Protec*!

For a longer life of your chain and the sprockets of your cassette!

The chain, the sprockets in your cassette and the bearings have a hard time during the rides. They get loads of sand and mud all over them.

The consequences are:

  • Additional wear.
  • More maintenance.
  • More frequent maintenance.
  • Replace your chain and sprockets more often.
  • Extra cost!
  • Extra time.

But hey, a hobby can cost something, right?
But on the other hand, if I don't have to, I'd rather go cycling than having to tinker or take the bike away again for an expensive service!

The Gearbox Protec (the GBP) will help you to do much less maintenance on your chain and sprockets.

Research has shown that a lot of sand that falls from the tire ends up on the sprockets of your cassette and the chain. When you can reduce this, you will once again take as long with your sprockets and chain.
Think about how much time that would cost. And what it saves on costs when you spend half as much on replacing the chains and sprockets.

This tool, the Gearbox Protec, has been specially developed to provide many benefits with its extremely low weight, so that you spend less time and money on maintenance and can enjoy your hobby more, your sport.

Go quickly to the webshop and have it delivered soon. You can easily place the Gearbox Protec yourself.

You simply mount the GBP, above the cassette with the sprockets and the chain, on the path to which the derailleur is also attached. There are two different versions

Option 1) The most common!
When your rear wheel is attached with a thru axle, your derailleur is usually mounted on a path:
simply mount the GBP between the derailleur and the path using the original bolt of the derailleur. Since the derailleur comes out 3mm, you will need to loosen the cable by 3mm. If your bike does not have a path, but does have a thru axle with clamping nut, you can place it behind this clamping nut.

Option 2) If your rear wheel has a solid axle with two nuts:
simply mount the GBP between the nut (and revet) of your rear axle, and the frame. This wheel suspension is rare anymore.

Patent registration nr: 1043957

* By the makers of the Brake Protec, with already 5 years of practical experience, developed for every bicycle with a derailleur.


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