Rapidly wearing brake pads on your mountain bike stops here!

Do you also suffer from sand and mud between your brake pads and disc brakes of your mountain bike, causing extra and unnecessary wear to your brakes? And you barely use your brakes!?
Do you hear the brakes screaming in wet weather?

The solution for all this and more, can be found below!


The NEW* Brake Protec Systems keeps maintenance low by keeping your brakes free from sand and mud. 

The brushes from the Brake Protec only hits the rotor for the first 50 -75 km! After this, the brushes no longer touch the rotor and only wipe sand, water and mud off the disc for about 10,000 km.

  Why using our Brake Protec Systems?

  • Less brake maintenance.
  • Less costs for brake pads
  • No more annoying sound of sand eating away at your brakes. 
  • Full brake power, regardless the terrain.
  • * New coating from now. No more screaming pads.

  Our guarantee

  • Brake Protec guarantees that it fits always, whether it is the bike brand, the caliper or brake disc diameter.
  • Easy to install.
  • Not satisfied? 30 day money-back guarantee.
  • 12 months warranty on the Plastic profile!
  • The brass brushes last for +/- 10.000 km.

We ship the Brake Protec all over the world.

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Less maintenance!

Maintenance is necessary to maintain the bicycle. This also includes servicing the brakes. Unfortunately the wear of the brake pads and discs takes place while driving. So cleaning your brakes after the ride is not the best solution to keep them in good shape.


By placing the Brake Protec System with its gentle and soft brass brushes just before the caliper, dirt is wiped off the disc while driving. The Brake Protec System prevents sand and mud from being transported to the brake pads. This prevents extra and unnecessary wear on brake pads.

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That is what the Brake Protec system does for you, performing maintenance while you enjoying the ride, enjoying the race and working on that challenge.


Safe and trustworthy.
Your brake pads last longer, so you won't miss them if you really need them.


Better braking.
Thanks to the Brake Protec System you can once again use softer brake pads, because that brakes more pleasantly.



Your bike experiences less friction or resistance from sand and mud between the discs and brake pads, so you have less energy loss. This makes you a better rider, maybe a winner.

Warning for our customers in the UK: After the Brexit, some costs, such as shipping costs and bank / Paypal, money transfer orders will increase. Better order now!

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For your Cycle Crosser or Street Race Bike with a Flatmount system
you can find the right Brake Protec here.






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