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  • Posted by Mike H

    10-01-2021 | 14.26

    Brilliant. They work and the guys at Brake Protec are bloody brilliant. Great company and can't wait to see the next great idea.

  • Posted by Mark

          01-01-2021 | 12:21

          Ordered several sets and passed them on to friends who are also very satisfied.
          Top product.

  • Posted by Rob G

    28-12-2020 | 16.58

    Have fitted these and look great, really impressed with how they work on the trails too 👍 Thanks to Jack for some great customer service - pleasure to deal with!

  • Posted by Elvin Padian

    22-09-2020 | 12.21

    I know that you’re product touches the brake disc for the first few kilometers and after that it barely touches but still gets all of the mud and sand off the disc before reaching the pads. Super easy to install, you only need to unscrew one of the brake screws and then put it on and put the screw back. My friend has been using it for quite some while now and he is super happy with the results, which has started tempting me into buying one myself!

  • Posted by Jeff

    08-08-2019 | 18.51

    Hello Jack!

    Thank you so much for your friendly and kind email, the English is not too bad as well 😊

    I really appreciate your option to solve the problem, I would be most happy to work with you and provide images of the updated design (+5mm) once installed as well. You’re correct, adding the 5mm should clear the rotor and solve the issue. Lastly, sorry for this trouble, I guess my brake setup is an odd design.

    Your kindness and help is much appreciated!

    Take care and have a great day,

  • Posted by Marcio

    28-04-2019 | 06.22

    Hi jack !

    First of all your brake protec is awesome! Thanks you to put on the marker a such good product to all MTB lovers like me .
    I was looking on the Instagram and looking some pictures like #....I do not remember exactly... and I saw a picture of your brake protec ! I thought, I’m going to by right now... I guess , I will be de first one to use on Brazil !
    Best regards

  • Posted by Paul Evans

    14-02-2019 | 03.25

    Order placed early November ,sent very quickly. Received part of order , second part went astray over the Xmas mail period. Jack sent me a new set of brake components for free and they arrived today. Easy to fit and work well in dry dusty,dirty conditions. After sales service just terrific. Touring very soon so will post from the road.Thanks to all involved

  • Posted by Axel

    03-01-2019 | 16.00

    Hey these parts work fine!! No more mud in my breaks. I think you should sell them in every bike shop:-)). Thx also for the fast delivery to germany. Top product! Hoping they last long.....

  • Posted by Barnaby

    27-11-2018 | 20.38

    This product is a must buy. I brought a pair last year and they extended the life in my pads and discs significantly just by keeping the discs rid of dirt and rust! Mine lasted 6-7 months of hard riding on trails, beaches and roads and In the long run they also save you money on brake pads and discs. They also mean you get less rolling resistance because you haven’t got all the dirt that you would otherwise have rubbing on the pads!

Lukas Kaufmann Germany 5/10/2020

* What was your biggest motivation for choosing the Brake Protec?
Answer: When there is bad weather, than i also had mud into the braking system and i can "hear" that mud, i hate this and so i was looking for a good answer.. :)

 * Are you satisfied with the functioning of the Brake Protec?
YES, because when i was riding in de rain/mud, i had no problem with my braking system.. :)

 * Would you buy the Brake Protec again?
YES, i think it is a very very nice tool for bad weather conditions..

 * Would you recommend the Brake Protec to your family / friends?
YES, it is a tool which help you.. :)

 * Was the installation manual clear?
YES, it was easy.. :)


Jean-François, from Quebec, Canada 3-10-2020

*What was your biggest motivation for choosing the Brake Protec?
Answer: Snow covering the hot disc and melting/freezing on the disc

* Are you satisfied with the functioning of the Brake Protec?
Yes, it removes the snow ASAP so the snow don’t melt much on the disc to freeze afterward.

 * Would you buy the Brake Protec again?
Yes, it's a real must for winter riding.

* Would you recommend the Brake Protec to your family / friends?
 Yes, but I'll warn them this can break.

*Was the installation manual clear?
Yes, but I needed to add some shims for disc's clearance.


Luka Milenkovic  France 1-10-2020
* What was your biggest motivation for choosing the Brake Protec?
I want to keep my brakes clean from dirt and sand 

* Are you satisfied with the functioning of the Brake Protec?
Yes, it works really well for me 

* Would you buy the Brake Protec again?
Yes I’ll buy more of them for my bikes because it’s really useful 

* Would you recommend the Brake Protec to your family / friends?
I already recommended BP to my friends and some already got some they are also really happy with it 

* Was the installation manual clear?
Yes it’s the easiest thing I had to do on my bike not a big deal 


Bikerumour wrote about the Brake Protec:

Leave it up to the Dutch, the same people who brought you marathon beach races. We all know how sand can wreak havoc on your bike, but especially the fin grit can stick to disc brake rotors, spin around into your brake pads, plus both prematurely wear pads & rotors and increase resistance. Read more.....


Carl Michielssen (user since 28-11-2017)
Dear Jack,
I am very satisfied with the Brake Protec: my discs shine, even when my bike is under the mud! I am convinced that I wear a lot less brake pads!
Mvg, Carl Michielssen.

Fred Sprenger 21-3-2018 (since 9-3-2017 in use and we asked him, his experience with the BP )
I am very satisfied with the Brake Protec. They do exactly what they have to do, keep my discs clean and make sure that my brake pads wear less. It also looks very good. The assembly on my bike was childishly simple. Even I got it done.
In short; I am very satisfied with my purchase!

Wibbelink 22-3-2018 (since 12-3-2017 in use and according to his experience with the BP asked)
Now a year on the road with Brake Protec on my MERIDA and still enthusiastic about this product !!
Also real Eye Catcher?

Paul Arnold 9-4-2018 (in use since 28-3-2017 and we asked his experience with the BP)
Corresponds to what is under your name. Perfect!

Joey Lathouwers 9-4-2018 (since 20-03-2017 in use and we asked his experience with the BP)
I have to say that I am very satisfied with the Brake Protec! Firstly, they fit very well in terms of color with my bike, the eye also wants something :-) Very good noticeable with mud that I have no braking power loss and less wear on the brake pads. They also deliver excellent work in winter conditions. I can not even criticize at the moment!
They do their job as it should!
You also offer excellent service on top of that. A Brake Protec was broken and had new brushes plus a new set on top! Rarely had such a good service, for which thanks !!

Paul Filart Sunday 8-4-2018 (1 week in use)
I have the brake protec on the rear brake and the front brake mounted which went very quickly and easily, even for a layman this is within 10 minutes to do
You will not notice anything during cycling, no resistance or strange noises.
If the blubber, mud, and water pops it has no influence on the discs and pads so this is really a must for everyone and every mtb bike
Brake protec, super invention 


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Ordered several sets and......


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