1. Why do the Brake Protecs have different colors?

The colors are purely esthetics, all the Brake Protecs function the same.

2Why use plastic as material?

Plastic is light and strong enough to do it's job. Also the plastic must tear off when in collision. This is to make sure it does not inflict any damage to you. your bike and brake when in collision. 

3. Can I install it by myself?

Yes with a Torcq or wrench you can easily loosen the bolt and install the Brake Protec.

4. Do I need a longer bolt when installing the Brake Protec ?

No way, you can use the original bolt which is used for your braking system.

5. Can I replace the brass brushes?

Yes, with a small pin you can press out the brushes and install new ones. You can order seperate brushes online.

6. Why brass brushes?

Brass is a relatively soft semi precious metal which makes sure it does not damage the discs and it will not rust.

7. How long before I need to replace the brushes?

Approximately 10,000km.

8. Do you hear the brushes on the brakes?

The first 50 to 75 km(depending on the conditions) the brushes will press against the discs and make a soft noise. After this period you won't hear the brushes anymore because they will only brush off mud and sand without touching the discs. 

9. Does the Brake Protec provide more resistance?

Only a little bit during the first 50 to 75km.

10. Do the brushes scratch the disc brakes?

No because the brass brushes are softer than the discs.

11. Does the Brake protec fit my city bike?

Probably but to ensure our fit guarantee you can send us a picture so we can make sure it does fit.

12. How much longer do my brakes last?

Depending on the conditions, the Brake Protec makes sure your brakes last three times longer.

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